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New IT Alliance Launch Hour
Thursday November 21st 
Lambeau Field 
This exciting event is designed to engage high school students with regional employers as a way to educate them about to the wide-variety of IT careers, local companies hiring IT talent, and paths for pursuing IT-related degrees. 
Students are starting to make career decisions as young as middle school where they begin to define what they do not want to do. In high school the focus turns to what careers they do want to explore. Most high schools have had limited to no exposure to the varied IT careers that exist. This event seeks to bridge that gap! With the hiring market as tight as it is, employers need to be out in front of students to build brand awareness as students are making career decisions.
The NEW Connect IT event helps employers connect with the future workforce, and plays a key role in academic and career planning for our students. More and more high school students are looking for opportunities to grow their skills, and gain experience working in an IT department through work based learning opportunities such as Youth Apprenticeships. We will be hosting 2 info-sessions for employers on Youth Apprenticeships at the event to help grow the number of opportunities in the region. 
We have some exciting changes planned for this year, and will be sharing details in the weeks to come. With 500 high school students attending last year's event, this is the region's premier IT related career and hiring event.
High school students, college students, and community members looking for their next IT opportunity are encouraged to share their resumes with local employers







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October 31st 

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